Wayne V ([personal profile] sargent316) wrote2014-05-25 12:11 am
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My first entry

Yes, I know, I should have probably come up with something a lot more creative than that. But, I want to make sure this thing actually works. I decided to set up this blog because, quite simply, I'm an average guy who hasn't always had an average life, nor has it always been a pleasant one. I think I partly set this up to hold myself accountable and to keep myself on the write path. Yes, I'll even admit that part of my reason for doing this is that I love to write. But mainly, I set this up because, maybe, somehow, some way, just maybe, the things I write will have some kind of positive effect on someone else. Anyhow, that's probably enough for now, especially since I don't even know if this is going to post, I'm not the greatest with technology, but that's OK.